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Cannabis Horticulture for Retailers class

Designed for budtenders, owners, and retail staff to enhance comprehension of the horticultural nature & origins of the flowers and products sold in licensed cannabis retail facilities. An excellent staff training opportunity! See below for 40% business discounts.

This two-hour presentation offers what retail professionals need to know about the following topics: Botanical Nomenclature, Production Environments, Phytochemistry, Soil & Growing Media, Plant Nutrition, Plant Pathology, Pest & Pathogen Management, Contaminants, Plant Propagation & Nursery Care, and more.

Instructor, Todd Dalotto has an HBS in Horticultural Science from Oregon State University and has been researching, breeding, and teaching cannabis horticultural science in Western Oregon since 1999. Learn the science of growing cannabis from a top horticultural scientist in the world's most renowned cannabis growing region.

Earn an E-Badge for attendance! E-badges are used in an achievement recognition and tracking system that uses Open Badges for competency recognition, professional development, and connected learning. For more information about e-badges: HERE

Revised April 28, 2020

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Cannabis Horticulture for Retailers class

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Cannabis Horticulture for Retailers Class Handout

Handout for Cannabis Horticulture for Retailers Class, a lecture outline written for students to take notes on.

Horticulture for Retailers 2018-02-01.pdf