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class 10/10 of the Cannabis Horticultural Science Course

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Webinar: Cannabis Plant Architecture, Pruning & Training class

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Learn about the anatomy & morphology of cannabis plants and the science behind how pruning & training techniques like super-cropping, trellising, mainlining, and low-stress training improves yield, yield-efficiency, pest/disease resistance, aesthetics, and overall health of cannabis crops.

2-Hour lecture with a slideshow and handouts

Cannabis Architecture, Pruning & Training is part of the 10-week, 20-hour Cannabis Horticultural Science Course, which provides overviews of core horticultural science topics as they relate to Cannabis sp. for medicine and adult-use. Designed for all levels of scientific comprehension and suitable for those without a scientific background. It’s an excellent foundational learning course in horticultural science, as well as an effective employee training and credential-building resource.

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Cannabis Plant Architecture, Pruning & Training class